Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Charlotte & Sean's Westin Airport Wedding

What better place to have your wedding when most of your friends and family have to fly in for it? The Westin Hotel... of course! Conveniently located at the metro Detroit airport, it's just about the easiest thing to do. I truly felt honored to be part of their day. Charlotte's best friend and co maid of honor, Kim, is a wedding planner. So to have them pick me to be part of their day felt very special. The Westin is indeed a beautiful location, but technically it's also one of the most difficult to shoot in. The ceremony takes place in the atrium against a backdrop of huge bamboo and behind a reflecting pool. It's very romantic, but it's also very, very dark... even on the brightest of days. So you have to master blast from various balconies which is hardly subtle, but that's what it takes in order for it to even remotely resemble what it looks like to the naked eye. I love the shots at the reflecting pool. Both Charlotte and Sean where very laid back and very appreciative of everything all their friends and family did to help things out with the ceremony. I loved the ring shot so much, you'll see two different variations on my two different blogs. Check out the other one at www.themichiganweddingphotographer.blogspot.com.

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