Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nikole and Eric at the Finnish Center

Super nice couple and great wedding party... especially the ever helpful best man, Prashanth. Their wedding day was full of coincidences... I drove past my bride’s house from the previous Saturday (I’d addressed the envelope earlier in the day) and since it’s in the middle of nowhere, I thought that was interesting. Then Nikole had a succulent flower in her bouquet (which strongly resembles a little artichoke). I’d never seen that flower before, except that my bride from the previous evening had given out potted versions of the same plant as their thank you gift to guests! Should’ve played the lottery that day, I guess! Their florist, by the way, was the most professionally dressed florist I've encountered and I loved the bouquet she created for Nicole. She's Janet from Floral Verde, so check her out.We took photos in what Nikole described as “a swamp” which was a lovely nature center in Novi. I couldn’t help but to refer to Eric and Nikole as Fiona and Shrek as I took photos in what was truly a swampy bog! Good sports and speaking of good sports... all the wedding party was pretty happy and fired up since UM beat Notre Dame. It was a true blue wedding... right down to the subtle wedding party colors. I got to work with one of my favorite DJ’s, Sara Gharacheh from Platinum Mix. I also have to give a shout out to the two little ring bearers. Not only were they cute (we’re talking mini Brad Pitt cute!), they were sweet, well behaved, funny little guys who had everyone at that party mesmerized. Totally adorable. I give 90% of the credit to good parenting. They were funny little angels all night long and their dance floor moves created more great crowd shots that anything I’ve seen before. Are they for hire, perhaps??? Looking to see more photos from this wedding? Try my other blog at

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