Monday, June 15, 2009

Emily and Brian’s Macomb, Michigan Wedding

We arrived at the church with plenty of time to get lots of getting ready shots of the bridal party, the ladies oohing and aahing over the flowers, the dresses, all the details. It’s always great when everything looks just the way the bride wanted it to. It’s always such a bummer when something doesn’t quite come out the way they anticipated. What struck me at this wedding was how joyous it was for everybody. Everybody cried... pretty much the whole day. Happy tears... lots of happy tears... well, until the Red Wings went down in flames on the final game of the Stanley Cup! I loved that Emily’s mom AND dad were both really emotional and supportive. Brian was pretty much grinning from ear to ear the entire night surrounded by his fun, goofy and sometimes inappropriate (yes, you, Steve!) groomsmen. Everybody seemed to gel together really well. I thought the poor DJ might have trouble getting this group dancing when there were still four couples out dancing during the anniversary dance when he called out “Fifty years or more”. Nope, no problem... this group ALL danced and wormed boogied like there was no tomorrow!

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