Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ashley & Travis's Grosse Ile Wedding in Michigan

Planes, trains and automobiles anyone? Okay, so we didn’t go on a train, but a boat! With thunderstorms predicted all day and knowing we were planning to spend a lot of it outdoors, I’m pleased to report that once again, it didn’t rain on my wedding! It’s only rained during a handful of my many, many outdoor weddings, so my streak is still holding! The major overcast weather didn’t phase Ashley or Travis even knowing that so many of their plans would have to be scrapped if it did start to rain... very cool indeed! This Michigan wedding took place out on Grosse Ile in perhaps the darkest church I’ve ever shot in. Turns out despite multiple queries to the “church ladies”, they didn’t have ALL the lights on after all (which the priest discovered afterwards)! Oh well, still photographed some fun images during the service. Travis is really into photography and I caught him checking out what I was doing, how I was doing it and what I was getting throughout the day! Got to ride for a while in an antique car (a Packard? a Hudson?) before roaring off in a speed boat. We were trying to kill some time outside in anticipation of a fly by from an old bomber since Travis is in the air force. Sorry I don’t have all the makes and models... not much transportation junkie, I’m afraid.  The old bomber made smaller and smaller circles over the Grosse Ile Yacht Club. This was a tough one for me because in order to get Travis, Ashley and the plane in the frame, the plane appears much smaller than it actually was. In one frame a bird flying by appears to be bigger than the bomber! Still... it’s a cool memory... one that will be treasured for a long time. Ashley’s dad really started the waterworks during his toast and speech. Not only is Ashley getting married, but they’re moving to Alaska where Travis is stationed... a tough adjustment for any family, I’m sure. Loved, loved, loved their DJ, Craig Martin from Mystro’s Entertainment. I hadn’t worked with him before and he’s a real pro, easy going, helpful AND he kept track of me and what I was doing and needed (most DJs aren’t particularly interested in what I’m doing!). Fun family, great emotions. Hope Travis can steal a bit of my photographers skills from watching me so closely all day long!

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