Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bill & Wendy at the Henry Ford Museum

5/30/09  When Wendy’s funky and hip invitation came in the mail, I knew every detail had been attended to. Turns out her mom designed the cool invites and helped oversee a lot of the planning. Wendy isn’t what you’d call a girlie girl, which could throw a bride totally off. What I loved is that she seemed as comfortable in the white dress, the hair and make up as she is on the lacrosse field (she’s a coach... this isn’t some totally random reference). She and Bill met at the clocktower at the Henry Ford Museum before the wedding and shared a well documented, yet intimate first moment together.  Then, at Wendy’s suggestion, we went traising around the Greenfield Village for a while before heading  back to rest tired feet and to see what the iffy weather had in store for us. Looked pretty gloomy doomy there for a bit, and again... the antithesis of most brides, Wendy didn’t seem to notice or care that it started to look pretty stormy. After everybody rested up for twenty minutes before the ceremony, the sun came out... providing one of the best Saturday outdoor wedding weather I’ve seen in years and I loved that neither Bill nor Wendy were worried one bit. Just going along with the flow of the day. The reception was in the museum itself (a first for me) with all the exhibits. It’s a gorgeous location with lots to see... so much so that I thought all the guests had left early. Turns out they were exploring the museum to their heart’s content. Nice, gracious and relaxing couple... just my kind of folks!

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