Monday, May 18, 2009

Playing with Technique

Sometimes it's just fun to try something new and learn a new technique. Of course, I could never try this out while on assignment... there was a lot of fumbling "ums" and "ers" involved... things that need to be second nature and just weren't yesterday! So with two lovely volunteers... Skye and her boyfriend, Joel... I've added a new thing to try with my couples!


  1. Love it Marci!!! Can't wait to have you shoot at my wedding this fall(October 17th, 2009) :)

  2. These are fabulously cool -- I wonder if it would work with a little toddler running toward mom and dad? Not that she's walking yet, but next summer...

  3. I think this technique could work for a lot of different ways. Never thought of a toddler... but since they zoom around so much... it would be perfect!