Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amy & Tim May 9, 2009

I knew I was in for a great day when Tim’s mom came into the room and said, “Aaaaww, Timmy!” making them both burst into tears. Lots of my grooms are sentimental (way more so than the brides, I might add), but Tim was very, very into the wedding day.  He was so happy and so teary, you only needed to see his mom for about three seconds to realize where he gets his wear-your-emotions-on-your-sleeve sentimentality from! Church of the Little Flower provided a wonderful 360 degree view of the church and I was able to get some amazing photos during the ceremony in a way that’s rarely feasible in most churches. Amy and Tim wanted to take photos in the park where they walk their dogs (who also came along for some photos) before heading to their favorite pub for a quick drink. The Somerset Inn hosted the wedding reception and put up a HUGE screen for me to project my “best of” slideshow. I was taken aback when the entire room’s conversation came to a halt during dinner to ooh and aah during the slideshow.  That’s never happened, but Amy assured me afterwards that it was a huge hit with everyone, including them. We all got treated to a really cool first dance that incorporated salsa into their first dance as well as some entertaining toasts. Thanks for hosting such a great party and having such amazing guests!

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