Thursday, May 14, 2009

Melissa & Dennis May 8, 2009

Sometimes it’s best to watch a wedding through the eyes of children and Dennis & Melissa’s kids gave me the perfect opportunity to witness their wedding through their eyes. They have a close bond with their kids, but also with their parents. I loved their infectious joy at the whole celebration of the day. Their kids were happily and easily simulated into the day. Sam, the two year old, made it down the aisle not once, but twice down the aisle solo (with a little encouragement from mom and dad). Tyler’s total disdain for his tux provided some great photo opportunities and so did the flowers various bridesmaid left in the pews and steps during the ceremony. Ever the playful group, we stopped at the George George Memorial Park to play on their playground (the bride and groom’s request) before heading to the reception. Fun group, fun couple and fun photos!

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  1. Marci, you are a wonderful photographer, most of the day I did not even know you were there!
    AND the huge selection of wonderful photographs are a testimony of your professionalism and creativity. You captured so many sweet moments of Melissa and Dennis' special day they will be cherished by the entire family and all our friends!
    thank you so much,
    Jan Robertjohn
    mother of the bride