Friday, September 3, 2010

Destination Wedding -Chicago with Lindsay & Mike

The wedding for Lindsay & Mike in Chicago was one I'd looked forward to all year. If you look in my banner of jumping bridal party, you'll find Lindsay in there. She knew as soon as she got engaged that I was going to be her wedding photographer, even if that meant having me come out to Chicago as a destination wedding photographer! Despite sweltering heat, a massive thunderstorm that flooded much of downtown Chicago, the skies cleared up, and we stayed in the shade as much as possible so the 98 degree heat didn't bother us too much and we were able to shoot some amazing photos from their hotel's patio including getting some of the set from Transformers 3 (you can see more of this at my other blog, headed into the beautiful, very dark and impossible hot Holy Family Parish Church in Chicago which I was able to light enough so the photos would look like what your eyes see... something that was a great challenge and I was happy with the results! We then headed next door to St. Ignatius where Mike had gone to school for the elegant wedding reception. Good times had by all490

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