Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beth & Alex's White Lake Oaks Wedding

Father, forgive me for I have fallen hopelessly behind in my blogging duties!
This may be the last of my super long wedding postings. I know, I know, I think I said the same thing about a month ago, but I've realized what could I possibly have to show when I get around to updating my wedding website in "off" season if I've already posted everything here?! So Beth and Alex got married in a wonderful methodist church in Clarkston. If any of you are blog stalkers (and I know I do have some!), can you figure out from last year's photos who Beth's cousin is? Hint.... same wedding location and they both used White Lake Oaks for their wedding receptions! I think I have that couple pop up here or on my other blog at Can you figure out who they are? I love this church, love the reception hall and love their DJ, Mary Anne Ross from Mary Ann Productions. I don't get to work with her as often as I'd like... she always does a great job. Thanks and congratulations on pulling off a great party Alex & Beth!

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