Monday, November 15, 2010

Lake Orion Backyard Wedding ~ Stephan & Patrick

Stephan & Patrick lucked out big time with a beautiful day for their outdoors Lake Orion wedding. It had everything I love about backyard weddings; homemade and personal touches, beautifully handcrafted gifts and lots of love! My very favorite thing about weddings that take place in backyards is that it requires a group effort and that group participation means everybody's invested in making it a grand event. The more people who help, the more people seem to love the event they helped create. Stephan & Patrick certainly did more than their fair share of the work that day, but I loved that they were able to relax and enjoy all the love they got back from their friends and family. Hopefully that comes through in all their wedding photos. I loved the jumbo sized fireworks... gotta love what google can come up with! If you'd like to see more wedding photos from Stephan & Patrick's Lake Orion backyard wedding, please check out my other blog at

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