Monday, August 9, 2010

Ear Plugs As Wedding Favors????

Hi Folks!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Every year it seems that the music at weddings gets louder and louder and louder. Now granted, I'm usually parked in front of the speakers for several hours during the reception capturing dancing. I'd rather be blasted than have the speakers be in the photos. So I've lost about 20% of my hearing over the years of parking myself in front of deluxe sound systems. So... if I'm going deaf, why does the music seem to keep getting louder?

Several years ago I started wearing quick, easy to put in ear plugs. I can still hear what people are saying perfectly, but it does cut out the harmful levels of sound. Last weekend I lost my beloved plugs and paid the price with ears that are still ringing some 36 hours later. I went online to fine some replacements and was amazed to see they sell them in bulk!

The most common complaint I hear by far at weddings is that 50% of the guests that would like to socialize during the reception and they simply can't. So they head to the lobby, outdoors or give up and go home. They'd like to stay, but noise (even nice noise) at that volume is just plain uncomfortable for a lot of people.

So I started wondering if couples gave out earplugs by the guestbook, in the bathrooms or on the tables as fun giveaways, how many of their guests would not only use and appreciate them, but might actually stay for the party a bit longer!

It's not a reflection on your DJ or their choice in music, it's just that lots of people don't like really, really, REALLY loud music for hours on end!

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