Sunday, June 6, 2010

Divine Child Wedding, Dearborn Country Club - Nate and Clare

I can't believe I have to blog about yet another stormy wedding! This had surely been the most bizarre and unpredictable weather we've had in many, many years. Clare understandably didn't want to take photos outside since it was raining off and on all day and she didn't want to ruin her dress. When we caught a break in the weather, I took a few photos of Clare and Nate at the Dearborn Country Club, but after dinner I saw the gloomy, doomy, super theatrical clouds rolling in. The difference between the photos of the flower girl and Clare are about twenty minutes apart (that's how long it takes to move brides and grooms from point A to point B in a reception hall!). l loved the dramatic blue. The clouds let loose a few minutes after photos to thoroughly drench the country club, but not us! So if you ever worried about the weather, let the photographer take care of your timing so you can still get cool photos without having to do the worrying yourself. For a few more photos from Clare and Nate's Divine Child wedding in Dearborn, check out my other blog at

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