Sunday, May 2, 2010

University of Michigan Wedding Photos - Mike & Katie

Katie & Mike had been meticulously planning their wedding for more than a year and were prepared for every contingency, except perhaps a very, very slow make up artist. Needless to say, all the waiting and planning just made for an even more dramatic entrance by Katie (I thought the theater gang might give her a standing ovation or at least a round of applause!). I was suffering a severe case of whiplash along with two other wedding party members who had all been rear ended in accidents during the week! I loved all the spontaneous goofiness from all the wedding party. I was an interesting mix of theater people, family (whom I knew) and law school folks. They had a blast one upping each other for silliest photos. When they hung Mike off the side of the church, I was laughing so hard, my camera was shaking! Everybody was super sweet about helping me schlep my heavy load to the University of Michigan's League where the wedding reception was going on. Great time had by all! If you want to see more fun photos from Mike and Katie's University of Michigan wedding, please check out my other blog at!

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