Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photographer's Lament....

Here's a little heads up to all brides... when you've hired a photographer and want to meet up before the wedding to go over your plans, DON'T bring sample of other photographer's work as examples of  "styles and photos you'd like us to take". I know you're just trying to show us what you like and by all means, feel free to print out stuff from my site that you do and don't like, but I've always been under the impression that you hired me because you like MY style and the photos I take! Every couple is unique, their surroundings are different and the timelines are individualized. So it seems a little odd when a bride who is having an outdoors country wedding shows me photos she loves that are taken indoors at a posh museum. If you see photos taken from the location you're getting married or the reception hall, I'm okay taking a look at it for inspiration. I just get worried that brides are setting themselves up for disappointment when I can't possibly recreate what they've shown me! So if you've already hired us, know that we're going to do everything within our power to create our own wonderful, one of a kind images that are totally skewed to reflect YOU and your wedding party!

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